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We sure have enjoyed sharing good times with you!


We are planning a last hurrah for The Heliotrope on Saturday, June 17. It will be a reservations -only event. The art on the walls of the restaurant will be available for purchase on a first-come-first-served basis. As those of you who were with us on our last day of regular operations may have noticed, several of the prints have already sold. The remainder, along with Heliotrope glassware and clothing, will be for sale.


The event is fixed price $40 per person and includes appetizers, dinner, a glass of wine, beer or soft drink, and dessert. Our plan for dinner is based on a cooking class we took in Thailand. We provide all of the ingredients and some basic instruction to create your own goi cuon, or fresh spring roll as you might know it. The inside out goi cuon salad that was on the regular menu was the result of our original plan to offer spring rolls on the menu.  You will be reconstructing a deconstructed spring roll and have the opportunity to impress yourself and your friends with your rolling skills. Dessert options are North Fork stout floats with our home made vanilla ice cream or oat fudgies with ice cream. Alcohol options will be somewhat limited but there will be a selection of wine, beer, hard cider and soft drinks. Additional beverages will be available for purchase until we run out.


If you are interested and want to join us, send an email to with your choice of dessert and if you prefer wine, beer or hard cider. We will be providing instruction and ingredients at 5pm and 7pm. Please indicate which of the two times you want to attend. Although we will take credit and debit cards, cash is preferred. There will be a 3% charge for credit or non-PIN based debit cards. We want to accommodate all who are interested but we will be limiting attendance to our legal capacity. We will respond with confirmation of your reservation and details if you notify us before we reach our limit. Reservations will close on June 11th so we can plan appropriately. If you are late to the party and we can’t fit you in, you are still welcome to come by, hope we have some extra food, say hello and goodbye! We look forward to seeing you in Glacier!

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