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Ready for some great food after a day in the mountains?


We  have some sad news for you. Due to staffing shortages and family commitments, The Heliotrope will be closed until further notice. While it is and has been a great pleasure providing you all with a unique menu and welcoming place, we simply can’t continue to provide you with the dining experience that you should expect when you come to our restaurant.  The food we cook is simple and the flavors are hopefully ones that have expanded your horizons, or at least pleased your taste buds. We try and stay consistent and not cut corners, whether it is sourcing quality proteins or taking the extra time to bake fresh bread, make ice cream, or try something new that interests us and maybe challenges you. There have certainly been some failures and a few items that didn’t live up to our expectations but without those failures, we wouldn’t have the skillet brownies or inside out goi cuon on the menu. We hope you have had a chance to try more than just one or two of our mains and deserts, and have enjoyed a few meals with us.


Moving forward, The Heliotrope is not dead. Think of it as going into hibernation, resting up for a re-emergence or re-birth when the time and circumstances are right. We hope to be able to offer some special events with music and guest chefs before winter returns. In the meantime, we plan to take time to bring balance back into our lives. The food service industry is challenging to say the least. While the business has not been especially lucrative, the happy customers and flattering compliments have made all of the hard work worthwhile. The town of Glacier is an amazing place with a great community. We want to thank our employees who have stood by us and put their hearts and souls into serving you, and all of you who have made this possible. 

As summer comes to a close, we plan on reopening this fall in mid November. We look forward to seeing you again as the snow starts to fly!

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